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Blade and Lahav Technologies is applicable to different types of target customers, including power plants and other industrial installations burning coal and/or heavy fuels, diesel power plants, solid waste management incinerators and any other combustion plant producing SO2, NOx and mercury emissions.

Delivering a high quality level within time and budget frames, Blade and Lahav Technologies can be implemented in one of three alternatives:
  • Basic engineering package and supply of Blade and Lahav 's liquid catalyst
  • Full scale plant or retrofit of existing installations as a turnkey project
  • Full scale plant or retrofit of existing installations on a BOO/BOT basis
Blade and Lahav's basic engineering package includes the supply of Blade and Lahav's patented liquid catalyst, basic design, control design, commissioning and staff training at the customer's premises.

Blade and Lahav's turnkey and BOO/BOT offerings are complete, end-to-end solutions for executing full scale new plants or retrofitting existing flue gases treatment installations.

From conception to execution, Blade and Lahav Technologies provides its customers with a comprehensive set of tailored services, including problem definition, pre-project analysis, laboratory tests, pilot plants, full scale implementation and supplementary O&M service agreements.

Technology Overview

Power generators, namely power plants, as well as other industrial installations burning coal and/or heavy fuels, are a significant source of three major polluting emissions: sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), mercury (Hg) and other heavy metals.

Numerous technologies are currently used for reducing the emissions of these pollutants; however, most prevalent technologies effectively treat only one pollutant within a single process.

Blade and Lahav's patented technology is, therefore, unique, as it introduces a single-step, simultaneous multi-pollutant removal approach. Utilizing a single-step approach to reduce SO2, NOx and mercury is not only considerably less costly, but also far more effective than treating each pollutant separately.

In Blade and Lahav's process, all three key pollutants are simultaneously purged in a single wet scrubber, employing Blade and Lahav 's patented organic catalyst, which upon dispersion in water acts as scrubbing media. The entire process is very simple, requiring minimum equipment and reagents, as well as a relatively small footprint. Additionally, the process yields a valuable, commercial-grade fertilizer as byproduct.

Blade and Lahav's technology either meets or substantially exceeds all international regulatory requirements for coal and heavy fuel fired power plants and other combustion plants, including:
  • Almost complete removal of SO2
  • Up to 60% removal of NOx
  • Almost complete removal of mercury and other heavy metals
  • Partial removal of particles

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