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Blade and Lahav Technologies specializes in the manufacture of Mini Pc's. We aim to provide cost effective and appropriate solutions for our customer's design issues by providing space saving solution for every personal computer user.

Blade and Lahav Technologies has set a goal to become mass-producers of mini-size personal computers that are simple and easy to use without sacrificing any computing performance as opposed to conventional desktop personal computers.

M i s s i o n
Our mission is to become the world-leading provider of miniature computer systems. We strive to conceptualize, design, mass-produce and deliver to OEM/ODM customers at reasonable cost. Our innovative products are simple and convenient to use and can provide users a whole new computing experiences.

S u c c e s s
Our competitive strength lies in our being Intel Integrators with direct access to top of the line Intel products to be integrated into the final product without having to reconfigure the system once it is received from Blade and Lahav Technologies We have full control of details include mechanical design, hardware, firmware, custom mold design and tooling, painting, printing, product assembly, testing and quality control.

Our expansive product line enables our customers to select the most economical and timely route from prototype design to finished product. We will design any product to meet your specifications.

We strongly believe that technology leads to better service for human beings. To fulfill this mission, our engineers always bear the users' demand in mind when designing our products

Everyday we are forming new relationships with customers and strengthening bonds with existing ones. We recognize that quality is represented in all we do and we aim to be equitable and reliable in our service and products.

Blade and Lahav Technologies is honored to count among it's customers some of the largest and most reliable Manufacturers, Distributors, OEMers, System Integrators, and Operators encompassing the globe.Please contact us to see how we can establish a healthy and prosperous business relationship with you, for the mutual benefit of both parties

Yours faithfully,

Blade and Lahav Technologies.

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